Supplying the right quantity and proving it

Positive Displacement (PD) Flow Meters are the most accurate and reliable meters for measuring the volumes to be transferred from one storage to another.

The PD meter is the preferred choice of instrument by all parties to document STS transfer and Physical bunkering to avoid getting involved in disputes and claims.

Flow meters ensure transparent and accurate measurement for all parties
involved, 'take the hassle and haggling' out of the bunkering process, and
ensure a level playing field for all suppliers and barge operators.


Go4 has chosen Positive Displacement Flow Meters based on many years of practical experience.

The key advantages of PD Flow Meters are:

  • Flow control
  • Accurate delivery of Quantity
  • Readings
  • Cost efficiency
  • Worldwide maintenance

The accurate and reliable PD Flow meter operates even with products of high viscosity and at low temperatures. The PD Flow Meters have low maintenance cost and rare failures, if operated correctly.


The requirement for high quality bunker products have led to a demand for control of the production parameters like Viscosity, Density and Temperature. This control can be accomplished by using the an in-line Bunker Monitor, which has the added benefit of securing exact volumetric delivery of the product.

There are many advantages of the Go4 Bunker Monitoring system, including

  • Constant and consistent quality
  • Logging parameters from batch blending
  • Automatic adjustment of theblending ratio
  • In-line Density control


The Go4 systems have a computer controlled delivery system that can print out a delivery note to the customer, avoiding discussions regarding discrepancies in the delivery.

Go4 Bunker Delivery Note (Click for Sample)

Bunker Delivery Note