Go4 - A new Era in Bunkering

Providing Just-in-Time Bunker fuel gives a very high level of flexibility, saved time, increased profit and at the end of the day helps you to more satisfied Customers

Go4 Intelligent Bunker Barges are Purpose Built for Bunkering.

Go4 Barges are built to international industry standards by a high quality ISO-certified shipyard and are designed for quick and safe mooring alongside to connect to the manifold and transfer high viscosity marine fuel at full capacity.

Go4 Barges are constructed to manoeuvre below six knots. They feature six Yokohama fenders for safe mooring and a 22 meter long hose and service crane provides secure access to the customers manifold.


An efficient bunker barge is a profitable bunker barge. Go4 Barges enable efficiency in mooring, connecting to the manifold and the pumping rates, but more importantly, it reduces idle time spent in transit or unnecessary visits to the oil terminal for filling involving mooring cost, harbour duties, terminal cost, etc.
Instead of returning to the terminal, a Go4 Barge can deliver products to the next customer. With its on-board in-line blending system, Go4 Barges can blend any IFO quality at the time of delivery.


With only two products, a Go4 Barge can blend any viscosity (IFO) at the time of delivery meeting the ISO8217 specification. And, the metering system secures exact volumetric supply.


Consider the benefits of just-in-time blending in combination with the fact that the daily savings of operational time and cost can make a larger bunker barge more profitable in the long run.
Although Go4 Barges are available in many different sizes from 3,800 dwt and up, a larger Go4 barge can do more deliveries of multiple IFO qualities at precise volumetric quantity in less time than one or more traditional barges.


  • The Barge is ready for operation at delivery. No post fittings or changes required.
  • High build quality by an ISO-certified yard with years of experience.
  • Higher operational efficiency delivers better utilization for a better return on investment.
  • Fuel savings from less transit mileage.
  • Less queuing time and saved terminal cost, mooring cost, harbour cost, etc. due to fewer terminal calls.
  • Tank segregation and manifold enable simultaneous loading/discharge of multiple products.
  • Pumping capacity with actual throughput for high viscosity products (95% efficiency @ 500 cSt).
  • The Boiler can use Diesel, HFO or Emulsified Oil products.


Buying low cost HFO, blending it with a low viscosity product (i.e. MGO) and then supplying the correct ISO8217 viscosity and volumetric quantity at the time of delivery, results in considerable savings in product cost compared to pre-blended products from a terminal.


  • Go4 bunker barges are the best of Go4 bunker technology and know-how, Shenfei quality shipbuilding and the Maersk Broker worldwide network in a single product.
  • Go4 delivers intelligent bunker solutions that ensures your customer's satisfaction and gives you a BRAND in the Bunker Industry.
  • Go4 enables you to produce all Marine fuel types to meet ISO8217, you can deliver multiple fuels to multiple clients before returning to the terminal once you are empty.
  • Go4 offers high flexibility, low cost and an excellent return on your investment.Go4 delivers intelligent bunkering solutions that ensures your customer's satisfaction and gives you a rapid return on investment.
  • Go4 develops and builds purpose built bunker barges using state-of-the-art bunker tanker technology. This modular approach uses internationally approved, industry standards.
  • Go4 combines the highly skilled precision of Go4 Bunker with Shenfei's shipyard quality and Maersk's Broker network to create a bunker capable of producing multiple IFOs to maximize profitability, reduce cost and simplify logistics. With a Go4 bunker barge, your clients know they are getting the right product and the right quantity at the right time.

The Go4 Difference

Go4 uses a modular approach to build state-of-the-art bunker barges based on internationally approved, industry standards. Go4 builds it right the first time to meet specific bunkering needs. With Go4 Bunker technology, from a leader in bunker technology and a proven track record of innovative solutions, combined with the high quality ships built on the ISO-certified Shenfei ship yard, Go4 is becoming the trusted brand of bunker barges.

The Go4 brand will mean the delivery of a quality product with exact volumetric measurement, which will have your customers coming back to you rather than your competion and gives you a bunker barge that is capable of producing all Marine fuel types. With its unique tank segregation system, you can deliver multiple IFO compliant fuels to multiple clients before returning to the terminal to refill. This offers high flexibility, low cost and an excellent return on your investment.

Go4 offer contractual ownership from signature to virgin voyage.

Go4 uses only high quality suppliers with verified references and worldwide availability of spare parts.

Through the combined effort of the Shenfei Shipyard, Go4 Bunker and Maersk Broker, we have designed a bunkering vessel that performs like an oil terminal while offerering the best of Class solution in technical, operational and safety performance.