The Details


High Quality Vessel from an ISO Certified Yard

  • Professional Management
  • Skilled and Experienced Staff
  • Quality Machinery for Plasma Cutting and Welding
  • Proven High Quality Track Record
  • Building to European Standards

5 Year Warranty Paint Program

  • SA 2.5 Compliant
  • Immediate Shop Primer/Epoxy Coating to avoid contamination

Makers List

  • High Quality suppliers
  • 60% of equipment is of International origin
  • Quality of equipment (checked References)
  • Spare part availability assurance

Sturdy Hose- and Service Crane

  • Hose Protectors and Couplings
  • Able to reach customers manifold
  • Hydraulics that can withstand bad weather/rolling

Low Speed Maneuverability (<6 Knots)

  • 1 Hyundai Himsen Main Engine
  • 1 Streamlined High Lift Flap Rudder
  • 1 Controllable Pitch Propeller
  • 1 Electric Bow Thruster (300 kW)

6 Yokohama Fenders 2.5 x 5.5 – (3 on each side)

  • Safety issue for fast and smooth mooring
  • Follows IMO Safety Recommendations

Tank Segregation for different Marine Fuel Oil qualities

  • Higher supply flexibility
  • No contamination of products

Cargo System with Simultaneous Loading/Discharge of Multiple Products

Pumping Capacity with Actual Throughput

  • 750 M3/Hour 95% efficiency @ 500 cSt @ ship manifold
  • Matching Pipes, Valves, Filters, Pumps and By-Pass System dimensions

Boiler Room

  • Efficient and economic Operation
  • Burner Suitable for Diesel, HFO and Emulsified Oil Products

On Board/In Line Customer Specific Blending

  • Meet ISO8217 standards
  • Ensures exact viscosity match
  • Quality Assurance

In-Line Metering

  • Ensures exact volumetric measurement of delivery
  • Quantity Verification for Customer to avoid disputes
  • Delivery NOTE printout for proof of delivery
MPA Singapore Test

MPA is in the process of testing In-line blending for the SS600 Code of Practice.

MPA has approved CBI blending and metering equipment for two trial projects in Singapore.

MPA provides funding support for R&D and proof-of-concept for companies to commercialize maritime technologies.

MPA wants to ensure that smart ideas and clever inventions progress from the laboratory to the workplace.

MARPOL 73/78 Annex I

Protocol of 1973 & 1978 International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships

Annex I - Oil Dictates the maximum Sulphur content

As of October 2009 – 99.14% of the world's tonnage is covered by Annexes I and II.


High Quality Vessel Platform

High Quality Equipment

Safe and Smooth Mooring

High Bunkering Performance

High Quality Delivery