The Concept


To be the preferred partner for all bunker barge operators.


To be the first choice global supplier of Intelligent Bunker Barges, by ensuring customer satisfaction through quality assurance, safety and environmental awareness, provided by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals.


Although available in many sizes, the reference platform is the proven 6,200 dwt, double hull/bottom purpose built bunker tanker design from Shenfei, which offers low speed (<6 knotts) maneuverability for safe and fast mooring alongside, segregated tanks for multiple fuel types, effective high viscosity pumping capacity to reach the customer manifold and on-board, in-line blending and metering for efficienct supply of multiple IFO qualities to multiple customers without the need for costly transit visits to the oil terminal.

In-line blending reduces the blending time and is a quick and easy process with no extra need for the costly on-board tank storage that is necessary when doing batch blending. Furthermore you avoid mixing the excess product volume that is often the result of batch blending operation.

This in reality makes the vessel a sailing bunkering terminal.

We are with you all the way

Contractual ownership from signature to virgin voyage

We take our mission serious. Nothing is left to chance. From the moment you sign the contract to the moment you receive your vessel we make sure everything performs as promissed.

At Transfer of Ownership

10 day Training Program by Go4 Experienced Staff

  • On board at final location
  • Crew confidence in operating ship
  • Fast implementation in day-to-day operation

QA & Safety Manual, Describing

  • Operational Procedures
  • How to meet ISO8217 Product Quality
  • Safe Operation
Advanced On-Line Metering


Depending on your choice of configuration you can provide your customers with the exact volumetric quantity of ISO8217 compliant Marine Fuel Oil at the exact viscosity ordered (+/- 2%) by using the CBI Metering option.

The CBI Metering system is supplied with a Delivery Note print function to document the transaction data for both parties.

High Capacity In-Line Blending

The Go4 Barges leverage CBI Engineering's advanced and forward-thinking blending and metering technologies.

The CBI Engineering's flex blender is the most sophisticated blending unit offering computerized control using online data transfer technology to communicate with the control room.

With only two products in the tanks (i.e. HFO and MGO), a Go4 Barge can blend any viscosity (IFO) at the time of delivery meeting the ISO8217 specification.

With the improved flexibility of In-Line Blending you can supply a wide range of products to your customers independent of time and place.

6,200/4,999/3,800 dwt Platforms
Other sizes available - please ask
  • Purpose built Bunker Barge
  • Classification: Bureau VERITAS
  • Also an MPA approved <5,000 dwt version for Singapore crewing and pilotage restrictions