On-Board In-Line Blending

Providing Just-in-Time Bunker fuel gives a very high level of flexibility, saved time, increased profit and at the end of the day helps you to more satisfied Customers

In-line blending is a controlled, continuous process, mixing two components during the delivery to the Customer.

In-line blending offer some major benefits, when producing high quality blended products.

  • Less blocked storage space (tank capacity)
  • No unnecessary surplus taking up space and capital
  • No product contamination/degradation from previous residual content
  • Wider range of products blended "in-line"
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • High flexibility
  • Less waste and loss
  • Accurate delivery of quantity and quality
  • The Fuel Oil Supplied conforms to MARPOL 73/78, Annex VI, Regulation 14(1) and 18(1)


With only two products, a Go4 Barge can blend any viscosity (IFO) at the time of delivery meeting the ISO8217 specification.
The metering system secures exact volumetric supply so a Go4 barge can do more deliveries of multiple IFO qualities at precise volumetric quantity in less time than one or more traditional barges.


The Go4 Bunker Barge use reliable, heavy duty, two speed, hydraulic driven pumps, that can reach the ships manifold and which are also used at Oil Terminals.


Buying low cost HFO, blending it with a low viscosity product (i.e. MGO) and then supplying the correct ISO8217 viscosity and volumetric quantity at the time of delivery, results in considerable savings in product cost compared to pre-blended products from a terminal.

Reports from Lloyds quality inspectors have shown that many bunker suppliers are supplying a better quality product than ordered and paid for by the customer.

I.e. when the supplier was expected to deliver 380 cSt, the were actually delivering closer to 300 cSt, a difference of 21% indicating a potential price give-away of 10-20%.