Go4 - A new Era in Bunkering

The Shenfei Group Co., Ltd., Go4 Bunker ApS and Maersk Broker K/S have entered a partnership to design, construct, build and sell Intelligent Bunkering Solutions under the Go4 brand.

For many years the Bunker Industry has had to live with "pre-fabricated" general purpose product tankers, converted to accommodate the needs of the industry or on rare occasions with custom made, expensive solutions made to overcome the specific issues the owner has encountered in the past.

Never before has someone re-thought the whole ship as a Bunkering Terminal Platform from the bottom up.

With the Go4-Intelligent Bunkering Solution we have done just that. Through the combined effort of the Shenfei Shipyard, Go4 Bunker and Maersk Broker, we have designed a bunkering vessel that performs like an oil terminal while offerering the best in Class solution in technical, operational and safety performance.

We are committed to your succes.

Shenfei Group Co. Ltd.
Renfei Zhang

Go4 Bunker ApS
Tommy Christensen

Maersk Broker K/S
Niels Kjeldsen
General Manager